Minecrafter Makes Fully-Working Tetris Minigame Out Of Blocks

Minecraft is already home to many games other than its own particular brand of voxel-based survival. Thanks to the various ways fans and players can take control of Minecraft’s logic, users have created all sorts of minigames in Minecraft.

One YouTuber went so far as to recreate Pac-Man in Minecraft, and now that YouTuber is back with another classic title transposed into Mojang’s metaverse. Tetris has been recreated in Minecraft with a special twist courtesy of incredible talents and questionable morals of Fundy.

In a 15-minute video, you can watch Fundy create Tetris from the ground up, first making a big black box to house the game’s UI, and then later all the classic Tetris pieces that will drop from above to slot into whatever spaces exist below. We should note, however, that Fundy added a few additional pieces that aren’t in the original 1984 release, including a giant Among Us piece and an extended U-shaped piece.

After making the basic building blocks came the tough part: coding. Fundy first had to create an algorithm to make the pieces spawn, drop, and stop when they come into contact with anything. Then there needed to be a command to rotate the pieces and delete rows that are completely full. Fundy has the “next piece” window always set to display the Among Us piece because he was simply too lazy to code the correct preview. Finally, a simple set of buttons provides the player with controls over rotation and position.

But where’s the fun in standard Tetris? Fundy’s Minecraft actually makes Tetris a multiplayer survival game, where two piece-layers are attempting to crush the person trapped in the piece-laying area. Meanwhile, the trapped player must climb over the pieces as they’re being laid to press a button near the top of the playing area to win the game. The game proceeds with a lot of screaming and name-calling, and ends with a special surprise for all involved.

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