Monster Hunter Movie’s Teaser Shows Diablos And… That’s About It

Yep, that Monster Hunter movie is still a thing. If the recently-discovered synopsis and old pictures of Tony Jaa in monster hunting gear weren’t enough to convince you, we now have actual footage of the film. It’s only about 15 seconds, mind you, but it clearly shows Milla Jovovich being attacked by a Diablos. It also warns us that “Something big is coming” so we know that we have a summer blockbuster on our hands. Only, like, in December.

Let’s get down to the good(?) stuff. The teaser was shared by IGN, and now exists on YouTube for all to see. Scroll down if you want to see it, but here’s a description if you’re reading at work (shame on you):

Milla Jovovich and some generic-looking soldier types are stuck in a desert. Something burrows through the sand at them as they react with a mix of fear and surprise. They’re in/around armored trucks, with Jovovich manning a gatling gun. The creature bursts out of the sand to reveal itself as Diablos of Monster Hunter fame. The gang acts surprised, someone says “Holy Sh-” and then Jovovich starts firing. The Diablos throws one of the trucks and then it’s over.

So yeah, that happened. Forgive the sarcasm – a lot of people probably worked hard on this movie. But looking at the comments, their efforts aren’t landing with the Monster Hunter fandom. Judging from the teaser, and the synopsis given in the YouTube description, real-world Earth soldiers get sucked into the world of Monster Hunter. There they learn that guns don’t work, and so must team up with monster hunters to hunt monsters. Also there’s a threat to both one or both worlds closing in.

It doesn’t exactly sound like a story worthy of the source material. The admittedly short teaser is full of stock moments that could come from any monster movie, Transformers movie, or comic book adaptation. The biggest treat was getting to see the Diablos render. Fans can only hope extra care went into the CGI to bring these beloved monsters to life. We’ll see when Monster Hunters comes to theaters in December… assuming the whole pandemic thing doesn’t delay it again.

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