Monster Hunter Rise: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Palicos

With the launch of Monster Hunter Rise, many people will be playing the franchise for the very first time. The player’s animal companions Palicos and Palamutes are already widely known, their adorable faces having won the hearts of players everywhere.

While this is the first game Palamutes have appeared in, Palicos have been a staple of the franchise going very far back. They are what you can call classic Monster Hunter. Think of them as what Chocobos are to the Final Fantasy franchise. Thus, there is a lot that people might not know about these kitty cats. Learn more about the history and lore behind the Palico.

10 They Were There At The Start

Palicos have been part of the Monster Hunter series since its original launch back in 2004 for the ps2.

Their role has evolved a lot since then but they have always been fighting companions of the character. Some have been high-ranking hunters and others have had jobs in the human villages. In World, some were in charge of enforcing the rules for hunting.

9 No Touchy The Tummy

Like real cats, Palicos will expose their underbelly because they trust you. That area is usually very sensitive for cats because it’s where all of their vital organs are so allowing you to be within arm’s length of it is a big deal.

However, such a sensitive area causes cats to reflex so be warned, tickle that tummy and you might get a Palico swat! It’s the trap that every cat owner knows. We can’t blame you if you can’t resist tho, those kitties are just too adorable to withhold temptation.

8 They Are Not And Never Will Be Slaves

While it may appear that they hold a role of servitude in the society of humans, Palicos (according to Monster Hunter lore) actually have all the same rights and privileges as humans and are widely respected as partners to them.

They live among people in harmony, not in a hierarchy. Besides if they have the capability to have the strength to knock down big monsters, would they really let humans enslave them? Plus everyone knows its cats who have servants, regardless of what their owners think.

7 Palico Is Their Job, Not Species

A Palico is not actually the name of their umbrella species, they are called Felynes or sometimes Lynians. Lynians are the general word for the speaking creatures of short stature in Monster Hunter and Felynes are one of the subspecies of cats that are considered Lynians.

A Felyne who is trained to battle monsters gets the name of Palico. There are a few types of cat Lynians, some of who choose to live easy lives in domestic housework or in leadership roles, or some who have no interest in being near people. Something that’s interesting that shows their intelligence is the fact they are bipedal, they know how to walk on two legs.

6 They Used To Be Feral Hunter-Gatherers

Felynes were wild and lived in small tribes before integrating with the society of humans. According to Lore, many of their cousins still live like that. However, like most dogs and cats, they probably quickly realized living with people meant they wouldn’t have to forage for food nearly as much as they did living alone.

There are some who still exist entirely away from humans in their own settlements (but are still friendly with people) and some like the Tailraiders who prefer to live in isolation. There is also a tribe that wears ritual masks and lives life very spiritually.

5 Their Curiosity Always Takes Over

Sometimes on travels, you will notice your Palico pick up items they find on the ground. While players can pass this off as normal feline curiosity, it can also be seen as an homage to the personalities of their game predecessors. Old school Palicos and their cousins were quite the little thieves.

They would have been happy to snap up anything pretty and shiny. In fact, they have sometimes been known to bring over these items to use as offerings and rituals in their traditional ceremonies. The Palicos of Rise have very different personalities, but once in a while players can see the packrat genes of their ancestors show up.

4 They Have Unique Values

Money isn’t valuable to a Palico, they are much more into the intangible things of life. Perhaps this is why they live so well with people, they do not want or need the same things that humans do.

Their coexistence is a symbiotic one if anything because one benefits positively from the other; Palicos, or Lynians, give humans their protection while humans give them jobs and stability. Everyone’s opinion can vary, but it seems that the Lynians of Monster Hunter are far too intelligent to want to be treated like spoiled house pets.

3 They Have Connections With Wildlife

Being friendly with the local fauna apparently has its perks. In past games, Palicos have been able to befriend Tailraiders, their primitive cousins who chose to live away from people.

Tailraiders can seem a little ornery, but they’re just not quite as trusting to humans as their relatives are. They will however gladly assist their kin in a hunt when needed. We weren’t able to confirm if this is a returning feature in Rise, but at the least, it’s something players could potentially see updated into the game later.

2 They Aren’t Afraid To Be Silly

In Rise, you can play with a feather toy with your Palico. Even the smartest and most dignified cats can never resist the urge to chase that wonder toy on a stick. Watch as they adorably swat at it. They also can be scooped up, but whether they liked that is questionable.

Most Palicos do not want to be spoiled and treated like babies, but they’re just so small and cute no one can help the urge to snuggle them.

1 They Provide Plenty Of Support

Their main role in your hunts in Rise is providing support. Palicos throw bombs, buff and heal. They fight too, but it’s a very different style of fighting compared to Palamutes.

When choosing your first Palico, they can either be made healers, assistants, bombers, gatherers, or fighters. These are called Support Types in-game and while players can’t switch them if they change their mind, they can later recruit other Palicos who have the skill they are looking for.

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