Monster Hunter Rise: Best Way To Farm Monster Materials

Gathering a lot of materials is a huge part of Monster Hunter Rise. You need to beat down monsters and either capture them, or carve them for valuable resources, all in the hope of earning yourself some ridiculously slick armour, or a more powerful weapon. It’s a tough cycle, but a satisfying one.

If you want some of the best armour and weapons in MH Rise, then you’re going to need to take on some of the toughest monsters, like the fearsome Magnamalo. If you bash your blades against them enough times, you’ll have all the materials you need to craft yourself the finest equipment. So here’s the best way to do it.

No matter what monster you need to hunt, you’re guaranteed to find someone online who needs to hunt the exact same creature. In this guide we’re going to break down how you can farm monsters for materials quickly and efficiently in MHR.

Earn A Gathering Hub Quest For That Monster

If you want to farm a monster you can do it by yourself, but it’ll be easier and faster if you have a team of experienced hunters to go in with you into the Gathering Hub.

There are Gathering Hub quests for pretty much every monster, but you might need to raise your Gathering Hub rank slowly but surely before you’re actually able to take on the quest you want. To do that you just need to consistently take on the main Gathering Hub quests, whether that’s solo or with others.

Once you have the Gathering Hub quest you need, Magnamalo, for example, you can work towards taking the monster down.

Assemble Your Team With Friends Or Strangers

If you can manage to gather a team of friends or online pals to join you in your monster farming exploits, that will make for the best team possible. Otherwise, you might have to rely on random people online – which can also absolutely work, don’t get me wrong, it’s just easier with friends. Here’s our full guide to setting up multiplayer in MHR.

Go to The Courier in Kamura Village and either set up your own lobby with a Passcode, or join a lobby online. Check the lobby descriptions, as if you’re lucky, you’ll already be able to find a lobby with dedicated hunters farming a monster. If not, make your own, and specify in the description that the host picks quests, and you’re farming a single monster. Hopefully anyone joining will follow along.

Gear Up For Your Target

If you’re hunting a particular monster, then you should be geared up specifically for that creature. For example, Magnamalo. He’s the big boss of MHR’s storyline, so it’s only natural to want to get all of his armour and weapon variations, and he’s a perfect target for this kind of farming.

If you check our guide to beating Magnamalo, you’ll already know that blades and hammers are equally reliable weapons against the creature, while if you want to use elemental damage to your advantage, you need to use either Water or Lightning elemental abilities.

Finally, you should come equipped with armour that protects against Dragon damage. All of the monsters have specific weapons and armour sets that work best, and you should take a look at our complete guide to Monster Hunter Rise for more information on the monsters you need.

Rinse And Repeat With Your Friends

Whether you found new friends online or managed to pull your regular Discord group together for a hunt, once you’ve found your chosen monster it’s time to go all-out and take it down time and time again. Just keep plugging away at the mission, remember your team has a faint-limit of three, and do your best to beat those monsters.

Just as a quick note: capturing monsters should give you more monster materials than carving. If you want an explainer on how to capture monsters, you should see our guide here.

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