Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Elder Dragon Bone

If you have finally hunted all of the monsters in High Rank and you’re an elite in Monster Hunter Rise, then it’s time to start moving on to finding and acquiring some of the rarest resources in the game, and crafting some of the truly best weapons and armour. Well those crafts will often require the rare Elder Dragon Bone, and that’s what we’re going to break down in this guide.

The Elder Dragon Bone is rare even among High Rank crafting materials, and you will only be able to get it from a certain quest. If you’re not already tackling the very final High Rank quests, then you should focus on clearing them before taking on this trying task.

Just read on below for everything you need to know to earn the Elder Dragon Bone, and get ready for a tough challenge ahead in MH Rise. This will end up being an essential item, but only for the truly best equipment.

How To Earn The Elder Dragon Bone In Monster Hunter Rise

The Elder Dragon Bone is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – it’s a bone from an Elder Dragon, but you won’t be able to earn it by carving either of MHR’s two Elder Dragons, Thunder Serpent Narwa and Wind Serpent Ibushi. Nor is this bone found in Bonepiles, regardless of your rank, quest, or location. Instead, this rare resource is offered exclusively as a Quest Reward.

As a Quest Reward, the outcome is fixed and cannot be changed. You cannot alter the outcome of the rewards, and therefore cannot farm the Elder Dragon Bone faster than one per quest completion, if you’re lucky, and yes, there is only one quest that offers it as a reward, despite there being two Elder Dragons.

The Elder Dragon Bone can only be obtained by completing the seven-star High Rank Hub quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder, which of course has you taking down the game’s true final boss, Thunder Serpent Narwa. But even then there is no guarantee that this quest will give you an Elder Dragon Bone upon completion – but it’s the only way to source them.

Elder Dragon Bone Location

  • Quest – Only found from 7* Hub Quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder

Thunder Serpent Narwa is, as you can probably infer from the name, a Thunder dragon, and therefore to farm this quest you should prepare for that element. Narwa’s primary weaknesses are Dragon, and then Ice. If you already have a powerful Dragon or Ice weapon and strategy, in addition to Thunder resistant armour, then you will be able to take down Narwa. It’s even easier if you’re joining other players with the Join Request system, of course.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Strategies

  • Thunder resistant armor
  • Dragon or Ice element weapon
  • Avoid Thunder weapons

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