Monster Hunter Rise: Room Decorations Guide

The core of Monster Hunter’s gameplay has always come down to the hunting itself. The franchise has built itself on the thrill of players hunting prehistoric monsters in lush environments, often being pushed to their absolute limits. In a sense, the average Monster Hunter game is filled to the brim with amazing boss fight after boss fight. At the same time, there’s always been a level of player customization that’s helped make Monster Hunter so appealing beyond the combat.

Between the different weapons and armor you can forge, Monster Hunter encourages players to find a play style and loadout that works for them. Monster Hunter Rise adds even more customization options for fans of the series, in large part due to the inclusion of your own personal room. While room customization isn’t as in-depth as it was in Monster Hunter World, there are plenty of decorations to unlock over the course of the game. More importantly, Monster Hunter Rise’s room is a spot for players to unwind after Village or Hub Quests.

Everything You Can Do In Your Room

Your personal room in Monster Hunter Rise is fairly customizable, but it also has some practical purposes to make regular revisits worth the trip. An Item Box can be found in the corner, allowing players to rummage through their inventory between quests along with changing their equipment. There’s also a Buddy Board to customize your Palico and Palamute’s skills and equipment.

Less practical features include an option to display any photos you’ve taken in Photo Mode and the ability to rearrange certain songs in the soundtrack. Speaking to the Palico housekeeper will allow you to outright customize the rest of the house with Hanging Scrolls and Trinkets, but both types of decorations need to be unlocked beforehand.

How To Unlock Hanging Scrolls

Hanging Scrolls can be purchased from Rondine the Trader at the Buddy Plaza. Head over to her ship, The Argosy, and she’ll have several Hanging Scrolls available to purchase through Points. While a few Hanging Scrolls will be unlocked for purchase by playing through the story, scrolls for certain monsters can be unlocked by killing 10 of any species.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to be rather picky with which Hanging Scroll you put on display since virtually every single available decoration slot is dedicated to Trinkets. It’s possible that future updates will flesh out room decorating, but for the time being, Trinkets are the meat of the experience here.

How To Unlock Trinkets

Unlike Hanging Scrolls which are obtained solely from Rondine (albeit with some prerequisites to unlock), Trinkets are a bit more complicated to get your hands on. The “easiest” way to earn Room Trinkets is by entering into the Market Lottery. Unfortunately, Room Trinkets seem to be awarded at a very rare pace.

Aside from the Trinkets Rondine sells at The Argosy, the main way of unlocking Room Trinkets is by tracking down Relic Records. Kagero the Merchant in particular is interested in Relic Records, and for every five, players can unlock a new Room Trinket. There are 10 Relic Records in each major area, so get hunting.

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