Monster Hunter Rise: Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration Guide

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Monster Hunter has a long-time history of in-game events across the series, often presented as collaborations between this hunting game and other well-known characters from various games or anime series. From The Witcher to Attack on Titan, Inuyasha, or even Horizon Zero Dawn, the series isn't shy to collaborate with different franchises, something that is also true in Monster Hunter Rise.

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This time, the current iteration of the series brings a collab event with Sonic The Hedgehog in the form of several missions that will see your hunter collecting rings and fighting monsters, awarding cosmetic items for you, your Palamute, and your Palico.

Monster Hunter Rise – Sonic Collab Event

This collab event is separated into two quests, one for the Palico and Palamute cosmetic items and the other one for your Hunter cosmetic items. These go as follows:

Gotta Hoard Fast

HR Required: None

Objective: Deliver 200 Rings

This quest requires absolutely nothing but the ability to enter into the Ruins map, so you can easily jump in from the very first moment, and obtain its rewards. As you step into the Shrine Ruins, the masterpiece song "Escape From the City" from Sonic Adventure 2 will receive you, and you must collect 200 Rings scattered across this map to successfully complete this quest. Get in your Palamute, enjoy the music, and go fast.

Super Shady Lookalike

HR Required: HR 8 or higher

Objective: Hunt a Nargacuga

Now, this mission will be more spicy. Keep in mind that since this quest requires you to be HR8 or more, the Nargacuga that you will encounter here will be a bit spicier than your usual one. Nevertheless, you must muscle through this endeavor, defeat this bad cat, and get your Hunter Rings at the end of the fight, thus earning the ability to craft the Sonic Wear for your hunter.

Monster Hunter Rise – Sonic Collab Event Rewards

Finishing both missions will reward you with different crafting materials, such as Buddy Ring on the Low Rank quest, and Hunter Ring on the High Rank event quest. These are necessary materials to craft the following clothing pieces:

Sonic Costume – Palico

Needed Materials: Buddy Ring x4, Fur Scrap x2 (Full Set)

Canyne Tails – Palamute

Needed Materials: Buddy Ring x2, Fur Scrap x1 (per part)

Sonic Wear – Hunter

Needed Materials: Hunter Ring x5 (1 per part)

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