Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Play Anomaly Investigations

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's first title update brings Anomaly Investigations and expands the pool of Afflicted monsters you can fight. With these new systems come Qurious Crafting and random armor augments, both of which cost Afflicted Materials.

To gather up Afflicted Materials, you'll need to undertake new Anomaly Investigations of ever-increasing difficulty. Let's take a look at how to unlock Anomaly Investigations, how to increase your research level, and how to get Investigation Coins.

How To Unlock Anomaly Investigations

To unlock Anomaly Investigations, you'll first need to beat the main story of Sunbreak. Then, reach MR10 to unlock Afflicted Monsters and Anomaly Quests. Speaking to Bahari after this will unlock Qurious Crafting and Anomaly Investigations, as well as the Research Request feature.

How To Play Anomaly Investigations

Before you jump into your first Anomaly Investigation, it's important to understand how these quests work. Unlike normal quests, Anomaly Investigations are found at random while hunting Afflicted monsters, and can have random conditions attached to them. For example, some Anomaly Investigations may decrease the number of faints you can sustain to just one, where others will reduce the time limit you have to complete the quest.

Additionally, Anomaly Investigations also have levels associated with them. The level of an Investigation determines the strength of the monster and the rewards obtained. At certain level thresholds, monsters will also drop new materials used in Qurious Crafting.

To find more Investigations, break Afflicted monster parts, gather Afflicted materials during Investigations, and complete Investigations and Anomaly quests. You will randomly gain new Investigations as you complete old ones. The level of obtained Investigations will be relative to your Anomaly Research level, so increasing this will lead to better Investigations.

You can hold up to 200 Anomaly Investigations at a time, after which the oldest ones on the list will be automatically deleted to make room for new ones. You can also manually delete unwanted Investigations from the list beforehand.

How To Increase Anomaly Research Level

To increase the level of Anomaly Investigations you receive, you'll need to complete the highest level of Investigations you have available. You can earn Research points by completing Investigations, and gathering Afflicted materials during an Investigation. Your level will raise over time, allowing you to discover higher level Investigations against a variety of monsters as you progress.

How To Get Investigation Coins

Investigation Coins are a special currency you can earn by completing Anomaly Investigations. You'll get about one or two for each successful Investigation, and can spend them on various items at Bahari's Research Lab.

Additionally, you can earn Investigation Coins by completing Bahari's Research Requests. Research Requests are a rotating suggested quest that tasks you with hunting a random monster at a certain level. Completing a Research Request will reward you with an increased amount of research points and will count towards the request completion reward of 50 Investigation Coins. Research Requests last for three quests before the request will change to a different monster.

Overall, the best way to get Investigation Coins is to hunt the Research Requested monster to work towards the 50 Investigation Coins you get for completing 10 Research Requests. Doing this will also allow you to increase your Anomaly Research level, increasing the overall level of Investigations you discover.

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