Moonmoon Keeps Breaking Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Combo Records

If you weren’t around when the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater games were released, we feel bad for you. But also, we’re excited to see the return of these games for a new generation to experience. Spending hours and hours playing the game to try and beat your own score, or land a 1080 (three full turns), was and is one of life’s greatest joys (fun fact, an 11-year-old actually landed a 1080 this year, becoming the first person to break a record set by Tony Hawk himself in 1999).

Of course, in the age of professional gamers, the nostalgia of beating high scores has transformed into a real-time rivalry that we just can’t stop watching. About a week ago, Professional streamer MoonMoon set out to get 4 million points in a single combo. That first attempt took him six hours and 1,300 resets on the Hanger level. Another streamer, “Clint” heard about this and raced to beat MoonMoon to 4 million—a race that he lost. Fear not, however, because Clint then beat MoonMoon’s score.

Obviously, you’ve seen that we’ve reached the point where the two streamers are now probably getting to the point where they are wondering if 100 million points is possible. The fun, though, is really in the details of the story. The day after reaching 4 million, the two gamers spent a combined 24 hours playing and broke the 7 million point threshold. The next day, MoonMoon logged in on his day off and got 10 million points in under an hour (at which point he called it a day). Later that same day, Clint got on and recorded an 11.1 million point combo—in 15 minutes. He eventually got to 12 million points.

Two days ago, Clint streamed for two hours and scored 21.4 million points. MoonMoon told his fans that if he didn’t beat Clint that day, he might give up. Of course, he beat Clint by scoring 24.8 million points and the saga continued. Yesterday, both streamers said they had beat their personal best scores off-camera, but that they wouldn’t count it. Clint had to attend to other duties in his life and was unable to give much time to the game. MoonMoon, however, went on to land a 53 million point combo. And then, obviously, crushed that by hitting 60 million points.

Clint is playing in a Fall Guys tournament today, so he will not be suffering in the hanger of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Of course, that doesn’t mean that breaking 60 million points isn’t on his mind. The insane escalation of this rivalry in less than a week is what’s really impressive here. You have to remember that all of this started with the now incredibly modest goal of reaching 4 million points in a single combo. We can’t wait to see where this whole thing eventually ends. The story is going to be part of gaming history for a long, long time.

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