More Hitman Is Coming – IO Interactive Is "already looking to the future"

Hitman 3 might have been the end of a trilogy, but there will be more opportunities to drown NPCs in a toilet at some point in the future.

Hitman 3 just launched, but IO Interactive is still working on Agent 47’s next adventure. We spoke to executive producer Forest Swartout Large earlier today and asked if Hitman 3’s ending left the door open for the studio to return to the slaphead stalker.

“We’re continuously working on Hitman so we are already looking to the future,” Large said.

IO Interactive has multiple teams, one of which is working on a new James Bond game. The studio is doubling its staff to be a multi-project developer.  IO already has hopes for turning its Bond series into a trilogy, which will feature an all-new Bond straight from the minds at the developer.

There’s also still work to do on Hitman 3 with post-launch patches and the other housekeeping bits. And while IO is still trying to find the shape of it, Hitman 3 will also be getting DLC – just don’t expect new levels like the New York bank or the private island.

“We are definitely going to be doing some DLC, but we haven’t defined what that is,” Large explained. “I think for now we are not looking at new maps like the bank and the island.

“We’re more looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them. And this time around, we can use the whole trilogy. We can look back at Hitman 2016 maps, Hitman 2 maps – we have all the locations.”

In other words, expect more Escalation contracts and perhaps limited-time hits across your favourite locations from the entire Hitman trilogy, all accessible from within Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 has been a huge success for IO. The sequel was already bringing in profit just a few days after launch – the biggest digital launch in series history. Speedrunners are already getting stuck in, finding ways to beat Hitman 3 levels in under 20 seconds and essentially just making us all look like we’re bad at hitting the man.

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