Mortal Kombat HD Trilogy Hits 15,000 Signatures, New 4K Footage Revealed

A petition for the Mortal Kombat HD Trilogy has reached 15,000 signatures alongside some new 4K footage showing off The Church stage, Baraka, and Scorpion.

Back in 2016, Eyeballistic wanted to create a HD remake of the first three Mortal Kombat games, going as far as creating concept art, logos, and character models. Although Ed Boon was reportedly a big fan of the project, Warner Bros. ended up rejecting it due to a lack of confidence in sales.

Since then, Eyeballistic has started developing several different projects, causing it to fight for the Mortal Kombat HD Trilogy once more. The team put together a petition on a few months ago, asking Mortal Kombat fans to sign and show Warner Bros. that interest is there for a remastered trilogy.

The petition, which is seeking around 100,000 signatures overall, has just hit a milestone of 15,000 signatures earlier this week, which Eyeballistic is celebrating with some brand new 4K footage of the game. The footage, which was shared on Twitter by developer Joe Tresca, shows Mortal Kombat 3's church stage remade in 4K alongside Scorpion and Baraka, and it looks pretty fantastic.

Alongside the Tweet, Tresca said, "15K signatures to #BBMKT? Damn, you guys are amazing! I promised a little something special and here it is. We improved Baraka's idle too!"

It looks like the Mortal Kombat HD Trilogy is still being worked on by Eyeballistic, as it says that it has improved Baraka's idle animation since the last time the game was shown off. One commenter said that Scorpion looks like he needs some work, to which Tresca said, "Agreed, he was rendered with software almost a decade old. We'll get around to upgrading him and then he'll match the standard set with Baraka (who was recently upgraded)."

Tresca also said, "Whatever improvements we can make are probably going to be limited by the schedule WB sets for us. If they need it done in 9 months, that is just barely doable to get everything done at the same level as the original game at least. With more time we can do more."

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