MultiVersus Dataminer Uncovers Gandalf’s Old Perks And A Single Voice Line

A MultiVersus dataminer has uncovered some of Gandalf's old signature perks and a single voice line that gives us an idea of what he might have sounded like at one point.

One of the worst-kept secrets in MultiVersus is that Gandalf from Lord of the Rings was originally supposed to be a part of the roster. From appearing alongside Rick and Jake the dog in the first leak for the game to his recovery being repurposed and used as a part of Morty's moveset, it's impossible to deny that Gandalf was once supposed to be a fighter in MultiVersus.

Although it was thought that all of Gandalf's data had been removed from MultiVersus in recent updates, likely due to Amazon purchasing the series and keeping it from being in the game, reliable dataminer AisulMV has found a few more pieces of cut content for Gandalf, including a single voice line and some unused perks and names for audio files.

The single voice line is named "gandalf_sys_emote_gen_18", which likely means that it's a random voice clip that plays when using an emote. The clip itself simply has Gandalf laughing merrily and saying "no please", with a voice that sounds very similar to Tom Kane's performance of the character in Lego Dimensions.

As for Gandalf's signature perks, there are three that have been found so far. The first is simply called "Eagle" and likely reduces the cooldown for his recovery move, as there's a clock shown next to the eagle. Then there's "Beam", which has Gandalf's staff shown in the image, although the effect is unclear. Finally, there's "Charged Light", which has a ball of light in its image.

Although it's not much to go on overall, the fact that several perks had been designed and that there are voice lines out there for the character shows us that a significant amount of work had been done on the character, once again backing up the theory that his removal is likely due to licensing issues.

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