MultiVersus Dataminers Find Matrix Pattern In New Update

Datamines and leaks were always going to come thick and fast once MultiVersus season one kicked off. Some info even found its way out into the world before the first season had officially begun. As for some of that datamined info, what appears to be a Matrix pattern has got players hoping Neo and other characters from the movies will eventually be added to the MultiVersus roster.

The discovery comes courtesy of AisulMV who shared the pattern, along with a heart, on Twitter. The pattern doesn't appear to be made up of discernable numbers and is black and white instead of black and green, but there's no mistaking what it is supposed to represent. As for what it might be used for, it could well be an unlockable backdrop that can be seen when players are waiting in pre-match lobbies.

As for what it might mean for the roster, MultiVersus players have been theorizing and wishing in the replies to the tweet below. The most obvious and most likely Matrix representative destined for MultiVersus is, of course, Neo. Keanu Reeves' most iconic character has a ready-made move set and would be a firm favorite if he is ever added to the game. Trinity also appears to be a pretty popular pick, and if The Matrix ends up like some of the other franchises and series that are already a part of the game, we could eventually see both of them in MultiVersus.

The leak hinting at The Matrix becoming a part of MultiVersus is the latest in a list that continues to grow. The week began with season one's startup screen finding its way out into the world ahead of time, revealing Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins will be added to the game this season. That early reveal was confirmed as soon as season one launched a few hours later.

Datamined voice lines also appear to have revealed Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch will eventually be added to the game as well. However, any mention of Lord of the Rings in MultiVersus's files appears to have been removed.

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