MultiVersus Devs Are "Aware" Of How Overpowered Taz’s Tornado Is

The MultiVersus devs are aware of how overpowered Taz's tornado is and are currently testing out some adjustments for it.

After months of waiting, the open beta for MultiVersus is currently underway for early access players, essentially acting as the soft launch for the game. Although early reactions to the game are incredibly positive, there have been some key issues that players are pointing out, including some monetization and grinding issues, and balancing issues with some characters.

No one is getting quite as much hate as Taz the Tasmanian Tiger, however. Anyone who knows the Looney Tune will know that spinning in a tornado is his main gimmick, so of course it factors into his appearance in MultiVersus as his side special. The only problem is that it's incredibly powerful, hitstuns thanks to it technically being a combo attack, and has no cooldown meter whatsoever. Okay, so there are a few problems.

It's easily the biggest balancing issue with the game so far, which is shocking considering The Iron Giant is about three times as big as anyone on the roster. Thankfully, MultiVersus' director, Tony Huynh, has acknowledged the issue on Twitter and claimed that the team is currently taking a look at the issue and making some adjustments.

Huynh said, "We're aware of Taz tornado. We are testing adjustments. No eta yet on an update". As he said, the team is aware that there are some significant balance problems and are currently testing it out to make changes, but there's no clear schedule in place for when they might be implemented. Huynh has said that some updates are currently in the works and ready for release as early as this Friday, so it seems like it might be some time until Taz gets fixed.

Taz's overpowered tornado isn't a new issue and was actually just as bad during the closed alpha test, although it was mostly excused because the character had only just been added to the game and was marked as "experimental".

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