MultiVersus’ Early Access Launch Has Been An Absolute Nightmare

MultiVersus opened its doors to the public for the first time yesterday and it has not been smooth sailing. Announced last week, those who have purchased a special edition of MultiVersus, got a code in a Twitch drop, or were part of the game's closed beta have special early access to MultiVersus that allows them to play a week earlier than everyone else. That was the plan, but players have been reporting a number of issues over the past 24 hours, making the whole early access launch look like a farce.

The biggest problem – which the developers have now claimed to have fixed – involves a "Syncing Account State" screen that is completely stopping players from accessing the game at all. There's no update from the dev on why this issue is occurring, but several fans assume its the servers buckling from too many people trying to access the game at once. Players are being told to continually reset their systems in the hope that these new fixes come through.

If that was the only problem, then you could probably chalk it off as some unprepared developers dealing with a larger than expected turnout. However, there are also several reports of fans not getting the Founders Pack items they paid for when logging into the game. Those who are trying to enter the game via a purchased special edition are being allowed entry, but not receiving any of the items in said special editions. The cause of the problem is unknown, but it's also expected to be a server issue. It appears the Founders Pack issues are fixed now, however.

Other reported issues include hour-long wait times to actually get into games, and some fans aren't receiving their promised Twitch drop codes. At the time of writing, the MultiVersus developers have only acknowledged the "Syncing Account Status" problem, so it's uknown if any other fixes are on the way. Hopefully, things improve before the game's full open beta on July 26, because it's only going to get busier from here on out.

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