MultiVersus Leak Reveals More Incoming Space Jam Content

A new MultiVersus leak has revealed several different bits of Space Jam content coming to the game at some point in the future.

Yesterday, MutliVersus came out of the early access stage of its open beta, finally opening up for all players to get a chance to try the game out, as well as releasing LeBron James as a playable character. Some minor changes were made to the game alongside those two big changes, but dataminers have been able to find more content coming to MultiVersus in the future, and it seems to have a common theme – Space Jam.

Twitter user AisulMV posted in-game renders of several different character skins for MultiVersus, including Robin from Space Jam 2 for LeBron James, Jake the Dog's real shapeshifter form, Bugs Bunny and Taz with Tune Squad jerseys, and two out of place skins for Harley Quinn and Arya Stark respectively.

The main untiing element between most of these skins is that they have something or another to do with Space. Jake's real form is al alien shapeshifter, while LeBron's Robin outfit comes from the scene in Space Jam: A New Legacy where he and Bugs are travelling through worlds. The Tune Squad uniforms should be fairly self explanatory there, but it's especially noteworthy that the game will offer both the old and new jerseys to players for both Taz and Bugs.

Fans have speculated that all of this might be timed for release around the same time as Rick and Morty get added to the game, which would be at the start of August. The current half season has a Summer theme with matching character outfits, but a Space theme would fit perfectly as an introduction to Rick and Morty. Nothing official has been confirmed yet, but it makes sense when you consider that LeBron was the most recently released character, and that the first big season is going to want to have a strong theme to kick things off with.

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