MultiVersus: The 7 Best Perks

MultiVersus is a fighting game that takes some of Warner Brothers’ best characters and pits them against each other similar to Nickelodeon's All-Star Brawl or Super Smash Bros. It has classic Scooby-Doo characters, Looney Tunes notables, and even DC’s Caped Crusader and friends. You can fight against the AI, in PvP matches, or in teams with a buddy.

Before starting a fight, you can add different perks to your selected fighter to give them advantages over your opponent. The perks you have available to you depend on what you’ve unlocked for your characters, which you can do by gaining mastery in battle. There are three categories of perks – Offense, Defense, and Utility – that you can add to a fighter on top of their specialized perks exclusive to them.

7 That’s Flammable, Doc!

This perk gives your team the opportunity to melee attack an enemy for three seconds after you’ve used a projectile to knock them back in a fight. The melee hit will ignite the enemy for two seconds. If both you and your ally have this perk, you can ignite your enemy for four seconds.

You’ll find That’s Flammable, Doc! listed under the Offense Perks with a red background on its icon. Though the name makes it seem like a Bugs Bunny exclusive, it works great with anyone – though you’ll see it favored on Batman and Tom and Jerry often.

6 Make It Rain, Dog!

With this perk you’ll give your team an extra 20 percent projectile speed, allowing for faster hits against targets. If your teammate also has this perk on their fighter, the team’s projectile speed will go up by 25 percent.

Another Offense Perk, Make It Rain, Dog! is great if you’ve got heavy-hitting team members, as well as any perks that will boost cooldown time. You’ll find this perk equipped on the likes of Reindog, Tom and Jerry, and LeBron James.

5 Wildcat Brawler

Using Wildcat Brawler will give your team a five percent boost to their damage in melee attacks on the ground. If your ally also has this perk equipped, you’ll have a ten percent boost to the team’s melee damage.

Wildcat Brawler is listed in the Offense Perk category. Though five to ten percent isn’t a lot, it can make the difference between winning and losing against your opponent. This is especially useful for fighters you’ve built up to have strong melee attacks. Players often use Wildcat Brawler with Superman, Finn, and Iron Giant.

4 Absorb ‘N’ Go

When you equip a fighter with Absorb ‘N’ Go, the entire team will get a seven percent cooldown return for an ability. This will trigger after a character has been knocked back by a projectile from your opponent. If your ally also has this perk, the percentage goes up to 15.

A Defense Perk, Absorb ‘N’ Go is clearly handy to have for your team to keep them from being sitting ducks during their cooldown period. When paired with any perk that will boost your speed or damage, this can give you the edge in a fight. Players like this perk on Garnet and Taz often.

3 Slippery Customer

Slippery Customer gives your team a ten percent increase to their dodge invulnerability. This means that after an action or strike against your opponent, a fighter will have a little bit longer to return before they can take on any damage from incoming attacks. If your ally has this equipped, too, the window of time is 15 percent longer.

A Defense Perk that seems insignificant at first glance, having those extra few seconds for your fighter to catch their breath, so to speak, will be helpful in prolonging your team’s life. You’ll notice a lot of players like this perk on Harley Quinn in particular.

2 Coffeezilla

Equipping your fighter with Coffeezilla will give your team a ten percent decrease in their cooldown durations. If your teammate has Coffeezilla in use, too, the cooldown is decreased by 15 percent.

You’ll find this listed under the Utility Perks with green icons. Whenever you can shorten your cooldown rate it’s best to do it, because it will allow your fighter to continue fighting without taking on too much damage between attacks. This one is really worth it on any character, but you might see it most on Taz, Bugs Bunny, and Finn.

1 Last Stand

The Last Stand perk will give your team a ten percent boost to their damage after they’ve hit the 100 damage mark. If your teammate also has Last Stand equipped, this will trigger after the 90 damage mark for your team.

Another Utility Perk, Last Stand is good to have for when you’re overpowered by your opponent. Using it will give you a fighting chance to turn your luck around before you lose the match. If you have a weaker fighter or one you’re not as comfortable using, this could really help out in a pinch. You’ll see players use Last Stand a lot with Shaggy.

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