My most wanted games for E3 2019 – Reader’s Feature

A reader looks forward to the upcoming E3 event and tries to guess what new games the major publishers will announce.

We’re already at the end of April and for a gamer that means two important things: a) the summer games drought is about to begin and b) E3 is getting close. I’m here to talk about point b.

E3, as I imagine everyone who’s reading this will know, is the biggest video game trade show of the year. Although technically it’s not a trade show anymore because it’s open to the public now, if they pay through the nose to get in, but basically it’s a big convention where every publisher turns up and shows off their wares for the future, often announcing or showing off brand new games, or even consoles, for the very first time.

It starts on the weekend of 9 June and runs all the way till Thursday, although because it’s in L.A. all the times are very inconvenient for those of us watching in the UK. This year’s event is different than usual because Sony is not turning up and neither are EA (although they still have livestreams and events planned).

Sony’s absence is a bit disappointing, but I’d like to make my predictions of what everyone else will be doing – which I don’t pretend for a moment to be comprehensive and are naturally biased to what I’m interested in.


Everyone assumes the reason Sony aren’t going is because they’re focusing on the PlayStation 5 and it’s too early for them to really talk about it yet (even though they kind of already have via that Wired article). Microsoft are essentially in the same position but since the Xbox One has not done so well they’ve got less to lose by talking up the next gen now. That said, I think they’ll focus on streaming and Project xCloud more, as well as the already announced Halo Infinite. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also announced the Fable reboot too, and perhaps a few other games to prove that they do actually have decent first party games now.


Always the wild card but they’ve got so many games announced for this year, that they haven’t shown off yet, that they’re, perhaps, a little more predictable than normal. Animal Crossing, Pokémon Sword/Shield, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 must surely be at E3 and you’d assume at least a couple of surprise too. More Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC for a start and I’m going to bet that the Microsoft team-up rumours are true, at least as far as Banjo-Kazooie and/or Minecraft in Smash go.


I’d love to ignore EA but unfortunately they own BioWare and the Star Wars licence, and they’re probably going to be majorly focused on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at E3. I wasn’t that impressed by the reveal trailer but hopefully the actual gameplay footage will look good.


Surely this has got to be the year that they unveil the Splinter Cell reboot, although I admit I’m not sure what else they have in store. It seems too soon for more Far Cry or Ghost Recon, but Far Cry has become a yearly franchise, more or less, so maybe Far Cry 6? Too soon for me though.


They had a great E3 last year then a terrible Christmas, mostly thanks to Fallout 76, so who knows what they’ll do this year. Doom Eternal will obviously be there but there’s got to be a good chance they’ll show off The Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield, even though it was pretty obvious they weren’t planning to do so this early.

Square Enix

Their Avengers game has been MIA for years now, so maybe this is the year? Although I don’t know of any specific reason to think it is over any other. I’m hoping to learn more about the new Platinum game and maybe a hint at their next gen tech, since they always seem to be one of the first to show that off. Or maybe that’s what Final Fantasy VII Remake is for now?


I’m not actually entirely sure they’re going this year, but they will have announced the new Call Of Duty by June and I’m going to be interested to see if they’ll have anything else, because without Destiny they’re pretty much a one-trick pony now.

Warner Bros.

Now that Mortal Kombat 11 is out I think WB’s only announced game is Back 4 Blood, which I am keen on, but I’m really hoping they’ll finally announce whatever Rocksteady’s working on – and it’s not some horrible microtransaction-filled game as a service (even though I bet it is). Maybe that leaked Harry Potter game will be there too, even though that’s not my thing.


I’m really pulling for a Resident Evil 3 remake annoucement at E3 and hopefully something else new as well. Although I’d be happy with reboots/remakes for anything from Onimusha to Dino Crisis.

CD Projekt

I’ll be honest, the thing I’m most looking forward to is Cyberpunk 2077. The footage released last E3 is amazing and apparently the game’s changed a lot since then, so I can’t wait to see how. I just hope they release it straight away this time, but then I guess the mystique of E3 is that you don’t get to see everything yourself straight away…

By reader Cranky

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