Netflix's The Witcher Series Almost Had Ciri as the Star

Netflix’s The Witcher series was almost written with Ciri as the main character and narrator.

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich has revealed that the first draft of her script for the TV adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher books was very different to the final version we’ll get to watch.

Speaking in a new video on Netflix’s YouTube channel, Hissrich talks about how she wanted the three main characters – Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri – to flourish as individual characters before they start interacting with each other.

She says that this is made difficult for those two female characters if you’re following the books as they’re first seen through Geralt’s eyes before you get to know them properly. This led to her initially trying out a completely different take on the story that she hasn’t talked about before.

“I pitched them a version of the story that actually started out with the second to last book, which is Lady in the Lake. Where Ciri ends up sitting by a lake, meeting with a man, and telling her story,” Hissrich says.

“I actually started with that narrative structure. Which is to have Ciri be our focal character and be our narrator,” Hissrich reveals.

She goes on to say that the problem with that particular pitch was that there wasn’t enough of Geralt and his perspective in there. Hissrich reiterated from there and says that, eventually, she has a “a-ha moment” in the shower that enabled her to tell all three stories at the same time without it being too confusing.

What that means is the series will jump back and forth through time in order to tell these stories. Later on in the same video, Hissrich explains that the reason we’ll see Yennefer’s childhood and Ciri interacting with her family as a princess is so we understand how those characters evolved emotionally.

We know that Hissrich has seven seasons of the story for Netflix’s The Witcher mapped out. Hopefully we’ll get to see them as it’s been renewed for a second season already.

It no doubt helps that impressions of the first episode have been very positive. If you want to see some of it yourself, check out the clips that are available ahead of the The Witcher’s release date on December 20.

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