New BioWare Merch Includes Cuddly Wrex And Varric Pillows

BioWare merch has been pandering to what the fans want a whole lot recently. Famously, we got the Tali and Garrus bodypillows – something which I don't think we ever expected to purchase through official channels. And while its latest supply drop on the merch store is a lot less cheeky, it will be no less exciting for fans.

Mass Effect's Wrex and Dragon Age's Varric are the latest BioWare characters to get plushes on the official store. The plush pillows are $25 each, and it's probably no coincidence that they depict two of the most popular unromancable characters in the games. The fan favourites have only just been added, joining other new items on the store this week.

The Wrex plush pillow is very accurate to his appearance in games, albeit a lot softer. And cuddlier. Generally not how you'd describe his usual disposition. At least if you headbutt this little guy, you'll live to tell the tale.

The Varric pillow, however, is a little different. Instead, BioWare has opted for a chibi art style. It's also a reversible design, coming with two different facial expressions.

These two items are still in stock, but we can't say the same for all of the new arrivals. Pre-orders opened for a Grey Warden-themed leather bag just days ago, and have already sold out. Even priced at $140 (plus shipping), it appears that fans were not deterred. And honestly, given the wait for Dragon Age 4, you can hardly blame them.

The most recent news about the upcoming RPG was bittersweet. It was confirmed that while progress is being made, and we can expect a new trailer soon, we probably won't be playing the actual game this year. That's because it's still only in the middle of production, with previous attempts to get the game off the ground being scrapped. And with Inquisition releasing all the way back in 2014, this is the longest wait in the series yet. At least now we can hug Varric for comfort.

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