New Blood Interactive Begins Selling Ultrakill Body Pillows

Indie publisher New Blood Interactive is a company built off of memes, so it’s not really surprising that its bloody character-action FPS Ultrakill would get a body pillow. What started as some crazy meme where fans were inexplicably attracted to Ultrakill’s main character, a robot named V1, has now resulted in this unholy product that you can buy and love. You can most certainly love it.

Going for $40 on the New Blood store, this pillowcase is currently on pre-order and will be shipped sometime in the future. Due to some strange error on the website, you cannot pre-order this item with another item in your cart. Maybe that’s so you can’t hide your shame from your credit card holder. Everyone will learn how much of a degenerate you are!

It’s pretty fascinating to see the devout loyalty that New Blood has cultivated within its fanbase. This pillowcase is clearly a joke item, but fans are reportedly buying it up like crazy. It doesn’t hurt that Ultrakill is already a pretty amazing game, even in its early-access state. I guess the goodwill of that early version is enough for fans to know what side of the line they fall on the “Is V1 hot?” debate.

Far be it from me to shame you for your kinks. If you order this pillow, I say display it proudly in your home. Send New Blood leader Dave Oshry a picture so you can get featured on the store page in all of your shame.

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