New Demon's Souls PS5 Screenshots Show Stunning Visuals

If a little over a month is too long to feast your eyes on the PlayStation 5 remaster of Demon’s Souls, developer Bluepoint Games has shared a new crop of mesmerizing screenshots.

The batch of screenshots, below, really show the graphical improvements made to Demon’s Souls thanks to the capabilities and power of the PlayStation 5’s hardware. They highlight deeper blacks, brighter whites, impressive reflections that wrap around materials to create greater depth, and stunning draw distances that reach high into the game’s skybox. It all looks truly dazzling.

These screens are just the latest look at still images from the Demon’s Souls remake. Back in June, developer Bluepoint Games shared a separate screenshot that showed the Tower Knight. And we recently got a look at gameplay during September’s PS5 showcase.

Digital Foundry did a comparison between the original PS3 version and the PS5 remake. The video shows the lengths Bluepoint Games went to in order to remake Demon’s Souls from the ground-up for next-generation hardware, including adding more visual storytelling elements.

Demon’s Souls drops on November 12 as a PlayStation 5 launch title. A PC port is not happening, according to Sony. Meanwhile, the file size for the PS5 remake has been revealed and it’ll take up a minimum of 66 GB of hard drive space. Check out our Demon’s Souls preorder guide to learn about the various editions and their contents, including the Digital Deluxe Edition that features of a bunch of in-game bonuses.

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