New Fallout: London Gameplay Trailer Reveals Player Name, The Wayfarer

All new details for the upcoming Fallout 4 mod, Fallout: London have just been revealed in a new gameplay trailer. Fallout: London is an ambitious mod that completely reimagines the base game. Set in, you guessed it, London, it features all new enemies, environments, and factions. The Capital Wasteland this is not.

Fallout: London imagines the effects of the great war on unexplored parts of the Fallout universe. In London, you play as the Wayfarer, and get to "explore pre-war European history and the effects the Resource Wars had on the class-structured society of pre-war Britain."

This mod is PC only and will completely overhaul your Fallout 4 base game. None of the companions will carry over from 4. Originally started in 2019, the mod's playable area is now roughly the size of the base game's.

We got a look at some unseen stuff. The FEV and vault-tec didn't manage to get their claws into the UK, so that means no Super Mutants or Vaults. Instead, we get moving trains, boats, and Radgers – giant irradiated badgers. "Typically nocturnal, they will venture out during the day only if their burrow is disturbed or their food stores have run low."

Obviously, London isn't London without the Underground. With that in mind, "Fallout: London contains new animated and exciting methods of helping you get across dangerous areas," such as the tube and the Thamesfolk ferryman.

Fallout: London is set in 2237, placing it between the events of Fallout 1 and 2. The project lead, Dean Carter, told TheGamer that in Fallout lore, the UK "immediately went from the resource wars directly into the European Commonwealth civil wars into the Great War." So, Blighty is a bit screwed.

The mod features London locations such as Westminster – the seat of political power – the suburbs of Bromley, and the currently gentrified but once dangerous streets of Hackney. The project is so impressive that its lead writer got hired by Bethesda.

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