New Overwatch Hero Ramattra Was First Revealed In 2019

New Overwatch 2 hero, Ramattra, was revealed at the Overwatch League Grand Finals last night. As the name suggests, he's an Omnic, but with a very different philosophy from Zenyatta. His dedicated support for Omnic rights has immediately interested fans, desperate to see the story progress for the first time since Overwatch 2's launch.

Now, it seems that Ramattra's place in the story has been a long time coming. As some dedicated fans have remembered, the revolutionary Omnic first made an appearance during 2019's Storm Rising event. Here, it was revealed that he was plotting something with Doomfist and Talon, but what that plan is would remain a mystery until now.

When players completed the Storm Rising mission, they were shown a cutscene of Tracer, Genji, Mercy and Winston interrogating fellow Omnic, Maximilien. The conclusion to the mission wasn't clear, however, as it ended with Mercy saying that Overwatch needs Max to introduce them to someone. We then cut to Cairo, with Doomfist talking to a mysterious figure – who we now know to be Ramattra.

That's all we got for three years, with many likely forgetting about the whole thing. But for whatever reason, the plot point is being opened up again all this time later, potentially hinting at another event tied to Omnic rights.

This would fit in nicely with Ramattra's reveal during Overwatch League last night, as it focussed on the Omnics' desire to live among humans. However, unlike Zenyatta, Ramattra clearly isn't interested in turning the other cheek anymore, giving Overwatch 2 the opportunity to focus on the violence in this conflict much more than it has in the past.

Overwatch has longed face criticism for its lack of story content, but bringing back a plot point from three years ago seems to suggest that Blizzard has something planned in that department. However, Overwatch 2 has had a lot of fires to put out since launching last month, so it's possible that will be taking up most of the devs' time.

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