New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Elsewhere Forest

Elsewhere Forest is one of the single weirdest locations in New Pokemon Snap. It goes from a foggy, ghost-ridden forest to a summer’s day, then back to grimness before finally ending in another state of greenness. No one would blame you if you asked, “What kind of Pokemon spawn here, anyway?”

Fortunately for you, we spent ages figuring out the answer to that question, to the point that we now know every single Pokemon that you can snap in Elsewhere Forest, as well as where exactly you can find it and which rank it appears at.

For the sake of brevity, we’re not going to include Pokemon that spawn at rank one in the rank two section, or rank two ‘mons in rank three. If you can’t find a Deerling or a Bulbasaur in rank three (which you can, by the way), just reload a lower rank and snap them there – it’s as easy as that. With that established, let’s move on to our comprehensive list of every Pokemon in Elsewhere Forest.

List Of Pokemon In Elsewhere Forest Rank 1

  • Shiftry – Shiftry spawns in the very first area of Elsewhere Forest, as well as in every foggy area thereafter. It’s also available in one of the summer parts, where it appears to be lecturing a particularly rascalish Pancham, but hey – it seems more at home in the ghost mist.
  • Trevenant – Despite being everywhere in the ghost forest – it is a ghost tree, after all – Trevenant doesn’t go near the summer areas. It’s in parts one and three of Elsewhere Forest, but absent from two and four.
  • Kecleon – Kecleon, a chameleon Pokemon, is obviously invisible in Elsewhere Forest. That being said, you can usually see its outline pretty clearly, and scans will return it as “???”. The only way to snap it is to make it turn to its original color by hitting it with an Illumina orb.
  • Espurr – Hangs out in the trees of the ghost forest. Just use your scanner and you’ll find Espurr without too much trouble.
  • Bewear – Bewear is only in the last forest area, but it’s everywhere there. You’ll find this big, lovable teddy bear in no time at all.
  • Bulbasaur – Appears in both summer areas and is fairly tough to miss. By the water on your right in section four.
  • Drampa – Drampa flits between all four areas depending on the rank you’re playing, but there are always two in the last part – one to the left of the hollowed out tree stump, and one to the right of it, just above the pool Bulbasaur is beside.
  • Sawsbuck – Sawsbuck’s different forms appear in the first summer area, the second ghost forest, and the final area. It’s easier to snap the ones in the bright parts for obvious reasons, especially because the one in the ghost fog just runs away from you.
  • Deerling – Appears in the first summer area.
  • Unfezant – There are multiple Unfezant in plain sight in the first summer area, including where you spawn in. The best one to snap is the one in its nest just before you go back to the forest. There are also some Unfezant flying in the distance in the final section.
  • Pancham – There are lots of Pancham in part two of Elsewhere Forest.
  • Lotad – Lotad is swimming in the pool on the right hand side of the final section.
  • Magikarp – Magikarp occasionally leaps out of Lotad’s pool.
  • Celebi (postgame) – After finishing the game, Celebi appears immediately after you enter the final section, flying across the screen lightning quick before disappearing into the forest. You appear to have a larger window to snap it at higher ranks.

List Of Pokemon In Elsewhere Forest Rank 2

  • Serperior – Serperior is in the first summer section (second one overall) on the left after the original forested part. It also appears in the last section, but it’s only peeking out from behind a pillar and rarely returns good shots.
  • Applin – Can be found rolling out of the piles of leaves or hanging from tree branches in the second section. It’s also posing as an actual apple in the middle of some fluffruit in the final section’s hollowed out tree stump.

List Of Pokemon In Elsewhere Forest Rank 3

  • Espeon – Ah, the best Pokemon in the entire area (well, aside from Celebi). Espeon can be found in the first ghost forest section. It’s a bit shy and tends to run away from you, but you can experiment with various interaction mechanics to buy yourself an extra few seconds.

And that’s a wrap! Every single Pokemon you can encounter in New Pokemon Snap’s Elsewhere Forest level, as well as where exactly to find them and what rank they start appearing at. Hopefully this weird map makes a bit more sense now… in fairness, though, the confusion is worth it for Espeon.

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