New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock All Ranks In Founja Jungle

Founja Jungle is the next location you visit in New Pokemon Snap after meeting Illumina Meganium in Florio Nature Park. Unlike the wide open meadows of those courses, Founja Jungle is filled with narrow, winding paths through thick flora, with Pokemon like Liepard, Leafeon, and Ledian prowling, flitting, and whizzing through the dense trees.

Just like all the other locations in New Pokemon Snap, Founja Jungle’s layout changes as you earn ranks. As always, there are three ranks for each individual course, meaning that Founja Jungle’s day and night variants each have their own progression routes.

If you saw Venusaur in the New Pokemon Snap trailer and are wondering why you haven’t found it yet, you’re probably playing at the incorrect rank. As a means of fixing that, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a convenient guide on how to unlock every rank in Founja Jungle (Day) and Founja Jungle (Night).

How To Unlock Rank One In Founja Jungle

Founja Jungle (Day) rank one is unlocked shortly after you encounter Illumina Meganium in Florio Nature Park’s Illumina Spot. As always, you’ll automatically proceed to rank one as soon as you unlock the location, meaning that the first time you visit Founja Jungle (Day) you’ll immediately be tasked with running the first version of it. If you’re curious about which Pokemon you can find here, check out our complete lists of Pokemon in Founja Jungle (Day) and Founja Jungle (Night).

How To Unlock Rank Two In Founja Jungle

You unlock Founja Jungle (Day) rank two after amassing 35,000 experience points in rank one. This will also unlock Founja Jungle (Night) rank one, which requires 45,000 experience points to progress to rank two.

How To Unlock Rank Three In Founja Jungle

Just like rank two, rank three for Founja Jungle (Day) and Founja Jungle (Night) is unlocked simply by rerunning each course and earning experience points. Outside of Florio Nature Park, getting to rank three can be a bit of a pain due to diminishing returns in revisits – we recommend photographing every single Pokemon in the course and focusing on star ratings you haven’t acquired yet. Sure, it’s easy to get a four-star snap of Quagsire, but getting one, two, and three stars will allow you to complete its Photodex page while earning more experience points and speeding up your rank progression.

Once you reach rank three you can also choose to max Founja Jungle’s day and night levels out, although we noticed barely any difference between rank three and max rank. No new Pokemon appear, and once you’ve beaten the game all of the main photo opportunities seem to be available in rank three, as well as occasionally in previous ranks.

There are no additional ranks for the Founja Jungle courses after maxing out both the day and night variants. After you’re finished here, it’s time to move on to obtaining all ranks in Blushing Beach and Sweltering Sands, which both have their own day and night versions and can be visited in whichever order you like. These areas can be visited after photographing a glowing Crystabloom in Founja Jungle (Night), which you will receive an environmental prompt for. Take the photo and you will receive Illumina orbs, a new item you can toss at Pokemon to make them behave in fascinating and unique ways.

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