New Pokemon Snap: The Empty Room Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap has hundreds of Pokemon for you to photograph, but in order to get the best pictures, you might need to find Pokemon in some compromising positions. Those are the kinds of shots the Requests point at, and they’re exactly the kind of pics we’re breaking down in our New Pokemon Snap Request Guides.

In this guide we’re focusing on The Empty Room, a Request that is literally impossible to complete unless you start at the right point in the stage – a mirror opposite to the situation we had with the Request titled At Home In The Dark.

Luckily we’ll specify everything you need to know to complete this Request, so just read through our instructions below and you’ll complete it in a single run – promise! Assuming you load into the right version of the stage, that is. For more Request guides so you can 100% this game (assuming they fix the bugged Requests) just read through our full Requests guide.

How To Complete The Empty Room Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request takes place at the Research Lab, but each time you load into the Research Lab from the Camp menu, you’ll be brought to a slightly different route around the lab. In order to complete this Request, you need to be brought to the route pictured above, which starts on the far side of the lab. This route will have Eevee, Meowth, and other Pokemon inside the lab, while Dedenne and others will be outside.

You will need to Turbo over to the lab, and Scan to open up the option to enter the lab. Inside you’ll see Eevee asleep on the floor, and that’s your hint that you’re in the right place. If you Scan the game will highlight the area above the garage. You can’t see up here, but you should start throwing all of the Fluffruit you have up there.

You should hear some noises, and if you’re successful, an angry Meowth will show itself, bearing claws and fangs, angry about it being awoken from a cosy nap. Once you’ve snapped a few pictures, it’ll go back into the darkness.

Getting a picture of Meowth bearing its claws and fangs will net you a four-star picture, and will complete this Request once you hand it into Professor Mirror.

Once you go back to the Camp menu you can check your Request and complete The Empty Room. Luckily this Request does reward you with a prize for completion, which many do not. In exchange for completing the Request you’ll be given a brand new photo frame that resembles a comic or manga panel. Definitely good for framing those actions shots so you can post them online.

We have many more New Pokemon Snap guides here, so make sure to browse through them and you’ll soon have 100% completion in New Pokemon Snap.

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