New Pokemon Snap Will Be Full Price And File Size Announced

New Pokemon Snap is coming way sooner than expected this April, although it will be fully priced at $59.99.

Nintendo Life reported this news alongside details of the file size – which clocks in at a relatively small 6.8GB of storage. With the stunning visuals at play in New Pokemon Snap, it’s surprising that the game will only take up a tiny bit of space on your Micro SD card.

In addition, Nintendo has confirmed many other details, including Sava Data Cloud support, Switch Pro Controller functionality, and the localization of several languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Chinese).

Despite all these features, the price tag might seem a tad high for some Pokemon fans. The N64 game takes just four hours to complete and six and a half hours for completionists. That’s a big ask unless New Pokemon Snap has much more on offer. We’ve learned that there are way more Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap than the original release, so fingers crossed this game packs a lot more content than its predecessor.

The original premise of Pokemon Snap is simple – you’re a photographer tasked with snapping photos of rare Pokemon during an on-rails cart ride. You also have access to multiple items that allow you to interact with the environment. For example, you can knock Charmeleon into a pool of lava by hitting it with an apple to help it evolve into Charizard. You were scored based on the pose, size of the Pokemon in the frame, and technique.

Bandai Namco previously worked on the visually impressive Pokken Tournament, a fighting game take on the pocket monster franchise, and now that New Pokemon Snap is arriving relatively soon, we’re wondering what’s next for the studio.

The company is known for creating some stellar RPG series like the “Tales of” franchise and the upcoming Scarlet Nexus (which looks incredible, by the way). Perhaps, with these two successful entries in the Pokemon series, Bandai Namco could take the next step in crafting an intricate, Pokemon RPG title. Imagine a new Pokemon RPG that doesn’t look rushed out the door by Game Freak.

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