Next-Gen Fortnite: What’s Different?

By the time you read this the next generation of console will have officially begun. Today marks the official release of the Xbox Series X and Series S. The PS5 is also due to launch in just two days in many parts of the world. Those lucky enough to have landed a pre-order will be diving straight into the likes of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom, and everything Xbox Game Pass has to offer, which now includes EA Play.

Both Xbox and PlayStation have also been making a big deal out of legacy games and titles that will be carrying over from one generation to another. It might seem like a waste of time to some to play games on the new consoles that could be played on the old ones. However, in a lot of cases, it will feel like you are playing a whole new game. Take Fortnite, for instance. Epic has already described what will be different about its marquee game this generation, and it’s more than just some minor tweaks.

Next-Gen Fortnite — Xbox Series X And Series S

Not only will players be able to see Fortnite in 4K/60FPS on Xbox’s new and more powerful console, but elements of the island will also be much improved too. The trees and even the grass will respond to explosions, smoke and liquid will look more realistic, and the visual effects of clouds and the storm will also be enhanced. As seems to be the case with all last-gen games coming to the next generation, Fortnite’s load times will also be much faster on Series X. Probably a little faster than it will load on PS5 judging by some early comparisons.

Xbox’s less powerful next-gen console the Series S will also be much-improved, but not to quite the same extent as its big brother. It will support 1080p/60FPS and some of the visual enhancements mentioned above will not be making an appearance. Epic did not divulge which ones will be included and which ones will not. Load times will still be faster, and textures will load quicker on both consoles. Players will also be able to enjoy split-screen up to 60fps on both consoles.

Next-Gen Fortnite — PS5

A lot of the changes made to Fortnite in order for it to take advantage of next-gen hardware are the same on PS5 as they are on Series X. However, the game will also utilize the console’s innovative new controller, the DualSense. Epic claims its haptic feedback will make it feel as if players are actually holding an SMG or bolt-action sniper rifle. There is also integrated haptic trigger feedback for when players are using a long-range weapon.

Another exciting feature introduced on PS5 is its Activities hub — the ability to jump into a certain game mode at a moment’s notice without the need to load up the entire game from the start. Epic has revealed that you will be able to pin certain game modes to the hub, which means you can jump right into a match without having to fire up Fortnite first.

As for the progress players have made before making that jump to the next-gen, that will all carry over. Progress is attached to your Epic account, so provided you use the same one to log in on your new console, everything should be fine. Players on different consoles will also still be able to play together via crossplay. On top of that, everyone will be getting a new pickaxe to celebrate the release of Fortnite on next-gen consoles. It’s called the Throwback Pickaxe, and was actually the very first pickaxe players were given when Fortnite originally launched.

Fortnite will be available on Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5 as soon as the consoles are released.

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