Ni No Kuni Developer Level-5 Wants To Operate "On A Global Scale" Once Again

The developer behind Ni no Kuni and Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, Level-5, wants to once again operate “on a global scale,” at least according to a recent job listing at the company. The studio is also known for producing various entries in the Yokai Watch series.

Level-5 largely ceased operations outside of Japan back in 2020, progressively scaling back business in North America and Europe over the course of the following years. This however appears to be a thing of the past. Level-5 has been hinting at a return to the world stage, developing “on a global scale” because of the “recent globalization of the video game business.”

"With the recent globalization of the games business, we are looking for people to maximize the business scale as a content holder and actively develop Level-5's intellectual property not only in Japan but also on a global scale,” the job listing notes.

The company is looking for a Rights Business Representative who is going to be responsible for “proposal of video game business utilizing our own intellectual property to domestic and overseas game developers” in addition to “negotiations with domestic and overseas game developers, contract negotiation/ conclusion, supervision, advertising, delivery,” and “business planning” as well as “rights planning.”

The job listing has been making the rounds on social media, turning up for example on Reddit. Speculation has naturally been running rampant, users on the platform expressing all kinds of both popular and unpopular opinions, the most upvoted comment on a thread considering the “upcoming return of Level-5” being from a user known as D_Beats.

“I hope. But I'll say what I always say in a thread about Level-5,” D_Beats remarked. “They need to stop trying to make every damn franchise a multimedia franchise and focus on making the games first.” Level-5 has notably produced all kinds of derivative content based on its intellectual property along the lines of television shows, toys, and more.

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