Nier Replicant: Lighthouse Lady Quest Walkthrough

On your first visit to Seafront in Nier Replicant, you’ll be introduced to the grumpy old Lighthouse Lady and be forced to help her out in retrieving a letter from the post office. This character goes on to feature in three different quests, one of which poses a moral issue where players must decide what to do.

We’ve got a full quest walkthrough of the Lighthouse Lady quests right here, as well as explanations on what happens depending on which choice you choose in “The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath” quest.

Lighthouse Lady Quest #1: The Postman’s Request

This first quest becomes available after you have given the shaman fish to Yonah and spoken to Popola, who directs you to collect quests from the tavern.

Head into the tavern in Nier’s village and speak to Devola who has a couple of quests to choose from, but for now, pick “The Postman’s Request”. She’ll tell you that the postman in Seafront has a request to make, and will show you where to go.

Head to the post office in Seafront. You should have already visited here earlier in the game, but in case you’ve forgotten, the post office in Seafront is at the location shown below.

Speak to the postman — he’ll ask you to take a letter to the Lighthouse Lady. You want to head over to the western area of Seafront, and climb the lighthouse stairs.

Give the letter to the Lighthouse Lady, who will reward you with 1,000 gold. This will complete the quest.

Lighthouse Lady Quest #2: The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath

Head back to Nier’s village after completing “The Postman’s Request” and collect the next quest from Devola in the tavern. It’s called “The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath”.

Return to the post office in Seafront and you’ll find the Lighthouse Lady arguing with the postman as she wants to leave Seafront. After the confrontation, the postman will ask you to speak to her and convince her to stay.

Go to the lighthouse to speak to the old woman. You’ll find her lying in bed and discover that the illness she has is the Black Scrawl and so she is dying. She wanted to leave so that she could see her love one last time.

Nier and Weiss will decide to try and convince the postman to let the old woman leave to grant her final wish, so head back to the post office and speak to the postman. However, the postman refuses to let the old woman leave and tells you to come back the next day.

Once you’ve left the post office, Weiss will tell you to go back inside. Go back in and you’ll catch the postman writing letters to the old woman. He tells you to go into the backroom as there is something you need to see.

In the backroom, you need to move the boxes around to be able to reach the door on the northern wall.

  • Slide box one to the left once.
  • Slide box two to the left once, and then down once.
  • Slide box three up once.
  • Pull box four down once.

This will leave you with a clear pathway so you can get to the door at the back of the room. Head inside and interact with the glowing spot on the table.

Go back out to the main post office room and speak to the postman. He will confirm that the letters you have found are all from the old woman and that her love died a long time ago, so they stopped sending her letters. The letters she has been receiving from “her love” were actually written by the postman.

He will give you a final letter from “her love” telling her to wait as he is traveling back to see her. Head back to the Lighthouse Lady and decide whether to tell her the truth or not.

  • If you decide to tell her the truth: the Lighthouse Lady will say she already knew and that she was happy that the town cared about her enough to keep the ruse going. She will ask you to maintain the lie and not tell the postman that you told her the truth.
  • If you decide to maintain the lie: the Lighthouse Lady will be happy and she excitedly awaits the return of her love.

Either choice you make has no reflection on rewards, so simply choose whichever option you feel is right. The quest will end here and you will earn 1,000 gold for your trouble.

Lighthouse Lady Quest #3: Closure

Return to Nier’s village after completing “The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath” and speak to Devola in the tavern to accept the final quest in this chain, it’s called “Closure”.

Return to the post office in Seafront and speak to the postman. He will tell you that the Lighthouse Lady has passed away, and he will also ask you if you told her the truth.

Pick whichever option you want, it makes no difference and there is no reward anyway. The Lighthouse Lady quest chain is now finally complete.

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