Nina Williams Confirmed To Appear In Tekken 8

Tekken's iconic Irish assassin Nina Williams has been confirmed to be a part of Tekken 8's launch roster, sporting a brand-new look and the same sarcastic attitude.

Nina was announced as part of a special Tekken 8 showcase during the Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals. After debuting some more information about the game's new Heat mechanic, a new trailer was shown confirming that Nina would be part of Tekken 8's base roster.

The trailer for Nina wasn't very long, but it confirmed that she'll play much the same as she has in the rest of the series, focusing on high kicks, grapples, holds, and the use of two pistols. Nina is sporting a brand-new look here too, ditching the wedding dress look from Tekken 7 and instead going for a sleek purple and black outfit, complete with a much shorter haircut.

It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to see Nina in Tekken 8, as she's one of the series' most popular characters and a fighter that's appeared in every single Tekken game since the very beginning. Still, while it's not particularly surprising to see Nina back, it's good to see that she'll be back for the latest game, especially considering we've only seen a handful of fighters so far.

Tekken 8's big new gameplay mechanic, Heat was also detailed for the first time during the showcase. Heat is a special state the player can activate that lets them perform special moves, deal damage through guards, and enhances their character's personality. Some of the special moves that can be performed in the Heat state include a powerful punch called the "Heat Smash" and "Heat Dash", which lets players cancel out of a Heat move and dash forward.

Although Heat might just sound like a powerup mode, it's clear from the brief rundown that it's quite involved, which makes sense considering it's Tekken 8's big new feature. It's also clear that it's been introduced to ensure matches are more aggressive, something that was noted by Harada when the game was first revealed.

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