Nine Years Later, The Whispering Lady In Skyrim Is Still Just An End Table

The Elder Scrolls V is home to many mysteries, its open-world a dense and vibrant setting brimming with a myriad of discoverability still being had to this very day. One such newfound discovery has been hiding behind the pantry doors in the lowest parts of Whiterun’s Dragonsreach.

There, players will of course find a charred and locked old wooden door, the main artifact of interest in one of the 15 Daedric questlines. Although, no sooner speaking in an angelic female voice to the player, this Whispering Lady supposedly behind the door is no more than an ordinary piece of furniture.

Initially given to the Dragonborn by the youngest son of Bulgruuf the Greater, Nelkir, The Whispering Door is not only a rather interesting questline that’s quick to complete but likewise easy to miss in one’s first playthrough. The quest tasks the Dragonborn with unlocking the mysteries behind the old wooden door in the cellar of Dragonsreach, where it seems Nelkir has picked up a pseudo-virus of sorts, relinquishing him with fits of emotion best described by his father as “brooding” and “violent.”

Upon investigating, the player will find that the door is in fact cursed, to some degree, now the vessel of a Daedrea named Prince Mephala, or simply the Whispering Lady. As the aptly named Reddit user Dr_Shoggoth reveals in his recent post, this seemingly god-like being behind the door is simply but a useless end table. By noclipping, or passing through the wall obstructing the player’s view, Dr_Shoggoth was able to squeeze beyond the locked door, basically bypassing the entire questline in order to bear witness upon this mighty Daedric Prince.

Perhaps this is the true form of Prince Mephala? Or, more accurately, an inside joke relayed amongst the Skyrim dev team. It’s yet another interesting discovery in the pantheon of randoms that this nine-year-old experience is best known for and, in many ways, far better even than the Daedric weapon gifted to the player at the culmination of The Whispering Door questline.

From here on, however, in-game end tables will never be the same again.

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