Ninja Donates $30,000 To Lachlan’s #FightTheFires Charity Stream

Ninja donated $30,000 towards Lachlan’s Australian bushfires charity stream, leaving him totally speechless.

Not sure if you’re aware, but Australia is literally on fire right now. The Australian bushfires have already burned an area half the size of Kansas, and they’re still going today. The #FightTheFires fundraiser was recently held on January 14th to raise funds for three charities aimed at assisting in the Australian bushfires, namely the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (to help put out the fires), The NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue, And Education Service (to help rehabilitate injured animals), and the Australian Red Cross (to help now-homeless people).

Twitch streamers got in on the fundraising event as well, donating part or all of their income for the day to help these causes. It looks like Ninja also wanted to help, but since he’s not on Twitch anymore, he had to help out in a different way.

So he just donated $30,000 to Lachlan instead.

Since it was during Lachlan’s stream, the moment was caught in its full glory. The notification pops up with a donation value likely larger than Lachlan has ever seen and beside it the name “Ninja.”

“Ninja has just donated $30,000–I think that’s the real one,” Lachlan says after almost four seconds of mouth-agape astonishment. “I don’t even know what to say–I have never really–wow.”

Ninja single-handedly tripled Lachlan’s fundraising goal, which is great. Hopefully, he made similar donations to other Twitch streamers as well like some sort of charity stream Santa Claus.

Luckily, it’s not just Ninja who’s helping out with the Australian bushfires. Trainwrecks recently donated $10,000 of his own money towards the cause. Indie studio Crytivo also announced their own donation, which will be all profits from sales of their games until the end of February. Even large studios like Activision are helping out, with the Call of Duty Outback Relief Pack sending all proceeds to help fight the fires.

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