Nintendo Announces Switch Spring Sale, Games Up To 80% Off (Europe Only)

Nintendo of Europe is poised to kick off a major promotion this week, having announced what should be an attractive Spring sale for the Switch.

According to a tweet from the gaming giants, users will be able to get as much as 80 percent off on over 300 titles from the Nintendo eShop as of Thursday, April 2. There’s no word yet on what the exact games will be; we will be sure to have a list for you when they’re revealed.

The sale has only been announced by Nintendo of Europe but a similar promotion could find its way to Nintendo of America soon enough, so we will be keeping an eye out for that.

So, if you’re in Europe and are planning on getting any games for your Switch, you’d do well to hold out until 3 pm CEST this Thursday as you could benefit from a major discount.

American players will likely feel disappointed if they aren’t offered a similar deal. But if it’s of any consolation, The Outer Worlds has been announced for the Switch (again) and will debut on the console on June 5 after a delay that saw it pushed back from this month.

Nintendo revealed as much on Tuesday, stating the game will be available for purchase both digitally and physically. Both versions will cost $59.99 and will be accompanied by a 6GB patch intended to optimize gameplay.

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