Nintendo Confirms How The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Is Pronounced

Following some confusion over whether Tears was referring to crying or ripping something in two, Nintendo has confirmed the proper way to pronounce The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Earlier this week, Nintendo held its first Nintendo Direct showcase of the year, revealing a lot of new games (many of which seemed to be life-simulators) and updates on ones that had been previously announced. Although the Direct had some mixed reception, the one thing that everyone was happy to see was a new look at the next Zelda, including its name and even a release date.

The name has caused its fair share of confusion since being revealed, and not for the same reasons as other Zelda games. Although most are a little cryptic and usually make more sense after having played through the game, Tears of the Kingdom caused some confusion because of the two possible meanings of the word "tears".

The English language is a pain, so tears can either reference teardrops falling, or it can mean something be torn in two, like tears in the universe. Because we didn't get to hear the game's name in the trailer and because the ruined Hyrule could both result in some tears and have been torn into different pieces, it wasn't exactly clear which of the two it might end up being.

Thankfully, as reported by Eurogamer, Nintendo has now reached out to confirm to them what the proper pronunciation of the title is. As it turns out, the title is referencing the teardrops of a kingdom, not it having been torn apart.

This confirmation has caused further speculation as to what the tears of the kingdom could actually be referring to, as some believe that it might not be referring to Hyrule at all, and could actually be referencing another kingdom altogether. It could also be something similar to the Sacred Tears from Skyward Sword.

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