Nintendo Confirms There Will Be A Direct Tomorrow

Following the rumors that it was on, then canceled, and then back on again, Nintendo has now confirmed there will indeed be a Direct this week. As was also rumored, it will take place earlier in the week, and the day, than usual, and will go down on Tuesday, September 13 at 10 am EST.

Rumors there was going to be a Nintendo Direct sometime in September started to swirl last month. However, those rumors were replaced with new ones suggesting the then unannounced Direct would potentially be delayed due to the death of the Queen. Those rumors were replaced again over the weekend claiming the Direct was still on, and those rumors have now been confirmed.

Nintendo revealed on Monday, exactly 24 hours before this week's now-confirmed Direct will go live, that the presentation will take place at 10 am EST on Tuesday, September 13. In an interesting twist, Nintendo UK added shortly after that it will not be live streaming the Direct. It will instead add the presentation an hour after it airs as a video-on-demand on YouTube as a mark of respect following the Queen's passing.

As for what Nintendo fans can expect from tomorrow's Direct, that is still up for wild speculation. While Nintendo is yet to confirm anything officially, the same rumors that tracked whether it would be happening or not claimed Zelda and Metroid Prime will be the focus. More specifically, Switch ports of Zelda games, potentially Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, and the long-awaited reveal of a Metroid Prime remaster.

It has been speculated in the past that the remaster, potentially including all three games but possibly just the first, has been ready to go for a long time. Nintendo has just been waiting for what it deems to be the right time to reveal and then launch it. With a potential holiday 2022 release date attached, if it is going to hit that target, tomorrow's Direct may well be the perfect place to finally confirm its real, and update players on whether there is still going to be a Metroid Prime 4.

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