Nintendo Is Reportedly Boosting Switch Production Numbers

The Nintendo Switch has sold over 55 million units since its launch in 2017, and now it seems that Nintendo is gearing up for a strong finish to 2020. The company has reportedly increased production on the Switch to meet expected demand.

Bloomberg has reported that Nintendo is looking to increase its production goal by up to 20%, which would mean producing 30 million units during the current fiscal year. In August, its production order was raised to 25 million, but now it’s aiming even higher.

Earlier this year, COVID-19 led to production challenges for the Switch that led to low stock; as of early August, Nintendo said that their production chain had almost recovered. The system has seen some huge sales figures this year: Animal Crossing: New Horizons has achieved incredible sales figures, surpassing 22 million units sold since its release in March. The game is expected to be popular over the holidays, too.

According to industry tracker Katsuhiko Hayashi, who is quoted in the article, “Switch sales are likely to gain further momentum at the year-end.”

Bloomberg has previously reported that Nintendo is planning on releasing an upgraded version of the Switch in 2021, although this has not been made official.

Nintendo’s end-of-year line-up is beginning to take shape, with Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity looking to be big releases for Christmas 2020.

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