Nintendo Reveals 2,800-Piece Lego Bowser With Moving Parts

The Lego and Super Mario team-up that has proved incredibly popular so far is getting a new set, and it's a big one. As revealed by Nintendo on Thursday, the next character from the Mushroom Kingdom to be immortalized in Lego will be Bowser, and The King of the Koopas will tower over everyone else who has made the jump from video games to building blocks so far.

Lego Bowser will be a lot bigger than Mario, Luigi, and the other characters to become a part of Nintendo's Lego world so far in more ways than one. Not just because the set itself will be massive once complete, as you can see in the official images below, but also because of the number of pieces involved. Bowser, plus the small part of his castle on which he's standing, will be made up of an incredible 2807 pieces.

Referred to as The Mighty Bowser in Nintendo's reveal, which is apt considering the scale, once complete, some of King Koopa's body parts will be adjustable. That means if built to the letter, you'll be able to move your Bowser around and have him wreak havoc on whatever other Super Mario Lego sets you might own. Or any Lego sets at all for that matter. Let him go to town on your Sonic one. Why should Dr. Robotnik get to have all the fun?

As revealed in the item description of the new set, Lego Bowser will actually have a button that controls his head and neck, plus his arms, legs, and tail will be movable too. He'll also shoot a fireball, presumably from his mouth, and can interact with Lego Mario, Luigi, and Peach, the other three characters to have made it into Nintendo's Lego universe so far. The only bad news is since the set is so elaborate, it's the most expensive added to the Mario collection so far. $270, and it launches on October 1, 2022.

Lego launched its first Super Mario set in 2020 and followed up on its popularity a year later by adding Luigi. Peach has joined the party since then, as has Bowser's airship and a question block with miniature Lego versions of Super Mario 64 levels hidden inside.

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