Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers – prices slashed ahead of Black Friday

Nintendo’s Switch has been a runaway success for the company, and key to its appeal has been the ability to take huge games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the go.

This is thanks to the Joy-Con controllers, which cleverly attach to the system for portable gaming – while also offering motion controls that you’ll need for games like the new Ring Fit Adventure. Those Joy-Con don’t come cheap, though – but Base has a great deal on pairs of them.

The retailer is offering pairs of Joy-Cons for £59.85 – a saving of £25.14. That’s an impressive discount for such a popular product, and includes free postage, too.

A big part of the Switch’s appeal is the different colours of Joy-Cons that are available, and thankfully Base is offering three different combos – green and pink, neon purple and neon orange, or neon blue and neon yellow, and all of which are sure to make your console stand out.

Joy-Con Twin Pack Green/Pink – £59.85

Joy-Con Twin Pack Neon Blue/Neon Yellow – £59.85

Joy-Con Twin Pack Neon Purple/Neon Orange – £59.85

Don’t forget that Pokemon Sword and Shield launch this week, so there’s never been a better time to make your Switch stand out from the crowd. 

Originally launched alongside the Switch, the Joy-Cons are packed with technology – which is why they usually cost so much. Each one can be used independently for local multiplayer, while the right controller features an infrared sensor that can work out how far it is from a surface. Both feature something Nintendo calls HD Rumble, too – where the controller can simulate various effects, like a number of objects inside the Joy-Con. In truth, it’s under-utilised, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Of course, the Switch Lite doesn’t feature Joy-Cons – but you can still connect a pair for multiplayer or to be able to play games that require the motion-sensing capabilities.

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