Nioh 2 PC Update Helps Improve Keyboard & Mouse Support

Odds are if you’re playing a game like Nioh 2 on PC you’re still doing it with a mouse and keyboard even though it really should be played with a controller. PC players just love their mouse for its precise movements, and they love their keyboards for their digital direction inputs.

But it looks like Koei Tecmo didn’t get the memo since when they released Nioh 2 on Steam a few weeks ago, they sort of expected everyone to play the game using a controller. You could technically use a mouse and keyboard to play, but the game’s tutorials and tooltips didn’t even mention the keys players should press and instead displayed only the appropriate controller buttons.

That’s changed as of update 1.27. Now, tutorial/tooltips will correctly display the mouse or keyboard input required for that specific action rather than its equivalent controller input. You’ll also get the appropriate keys to use in Photo Mode and you can even rebind those keys in the Keyboard & Mouse Settings in the System options.

Besides the added keyboard and mouse tooltips, update 1.27 brings with it several bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Shadows are now enabled in cutscenes even if they’re disabled during gameplay, and fog effects are now far less brighter in certain areas. Setting Nioh 2’s effects quality to “High” should also have less of a negative effect on the game’s framerate as well.

Performance is still a major concern for Nioh 2 players, and Koei Tecmo is still working on improving the game’s overall capabilities on PC. DLSS support should arrive by the end of March and will go a long way to improving performance on more recent Nvidia video cards, although AMD and older GTX-series Nvidia cards won’t receive much benefit.

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