No Man’s Sky: 5 Best Planet Types To Live On

No Man's Sky takes players across the universe, in a journey that is as incredible as it is daunting. There are many uncharted worlds to be discovered using its quirky in-game map, with each bringing their own sense of wonder and dread, depending on which corner of the universe travelers happen to find themselves in. Not all planets feature the right conditions to make a home base, however, with some lacking the basic resources or even gravity required to accomplish such a task.

Many planets are rife with minerals and plant life, as well as some rewarding finds for those daring enough to seek them out. When it comes to finding a home planet among the endless sea of stars, though, the choices range from livable to downright deadly. Here are the very best types of planet to settle on.

5 Lush

Of all the planet types to live on in No Man’s Sky, the best one is arguably the only one that isn’t overly hazardous or boasting a terrain that is actively trying to kill curious explorers. Lush planets possess no environmental hazards or need for special equipment, and they often have a reliable amount of resources such as Nitrogen, Paraffinium, and Star Bulbs to go along with plenty of water.

With their Earth-like features spawning plenty of animals across their surfaces, not to mention a comfortable lack of environmental hazards found on other planets, Lush planets are easily among the overall best ones in the game to call home. As is evident from their name, these planets can also have some legitimately beautiful landscapes worth a screenshot or two. In addition, they serve as the perfect backdrops for a meet-up with other players.

4 Exotic

Exotic planets can be among the most varied in No Man’s Sky, and because they are not hazardous to roam compared to other planets, these curious places are a great choice for a home base. These planets are defined by their unpredictability, with their weather, resources, and wildlife being unique from case to case. If you believe that variety truly is the spice of life, then these planets are ideal for the intrepid explorer inside you.

An abundance of gold can be found on these unique-looking planets, and some of them boast unusual terrain and creatures that won’t be seen elsewhere. Despite the seemingly random nature of Exotic planets, they are habitable and can make for some interesting experiences while exploring (fans of Subnautica will be familiar with this concept). If living on an Exotic planet doesn’t sound luxurious enough, then travelers might want to map the stars and find themselves the even grander version: Mega Exotic planets.

3 Mega Exotic

These planets can have a bit of everything, and a very big bit too! Everything on a Mega Exotic planet is huge, with colossal plant life and resources from any of the other types of planets being available. While this is usually a good thing, as collecting resources is the backbone of the game, these planets aren’t rife for plundering. As big as everything is, most of the resources found on these planets cannot be farmed or scanned.

Inhabitants of these planets are left in awe by the sheer size of everything around them, which, depending on the nature of everything that's spawned there, could be equal parts good or bad. Like Exotic planets, the environment can vary, with the possibility of running into vastly different areas that can range from hospitable to hazardous. While these planets can be fantastic home bases, you'll need to scout carefully first. Some potential Mega Exotic homes will prove too dangerous to stick around on.

2 Barren

Barren worlds may not look like the best places to call home, but they can be one of the safer variety of planets to put down roots on. As is always the case with deserts in video games, they tend to run very hot indeed, so players will need to be mindful of their hazard suits in places. Crucially, however, they are also home to valuable resources like Cactus Flesh and Sticky Honey.

These worlds are mostly stable enough not to require the constant use of hazard suits or resources to stay alive. They are hospitable, but unlike the Lush worlds, the landscape isn’t as appealing and the flora and fauna found here can leave much to be desired. For those who are looking for something that brings out the natural beauty of the game's presentation and aren't afraid to take a bit of a risk, then a trip to one of the Barren worlds might be in order.

1 Frozen

For those wanting to live in a snowy wonderland, Frozen planets have plenty of snow, ice, and freezing cold weather to go around. The extreme cold of these planets can be strenuous on hazard suits, making these planets potentially as dangerous as they come if you aren't careful. Crucially, though, unlike some other hazardous planets that are toxic on arrival, or which can spontaneously combust, Frozen planets aren’t nearly as inherently deadly.

Those well-equipped to endure the cold can find their fortune in harvesting valuable Storm Crystals in the aftermath of intense snowstorms, and find other valuable resources and plant life to scan. While Frozen planets aren’t the safest ones to inhabit, they are awfully pretty to look at, and offer an intriguing mix of risk and reward for those experienced and brave enough to call them home (No Man's Sky is one open-world title that allows players to build elaborate homes, after all).

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