No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition Adds Roguelike Elements And Space Whale

No Man’s Sky’s pirates seem to have settled down some since last we checked in on the game, but the nautical themes just keep coming with Expedition 7: Leviathan. From piracy on the open seas (or space, as it were), No Man’s Sky now aims Travellers at a mysterious Leviathan in order to escape an even more mysterious time loop.

In Expedition 7, No Man’s Sky’s difficulty is set to Survival mode. Run out of air or health points and you’ll die, but instead of staying dead, you’ll revive at the beginning of a time loop. To add a roguelike element, Travellers are given Memory Fragments that manifest as procedurally-generated technologies. Each reset plays out differently because you never know what tech you’ll get.

Unlike most Expeditions, which are largely solitary affairs, Expedition 7 also tasks Travellers with a community goal of helping Polo research the time loop. The more Travellers helping research the loop, the better the Memory Fragments you’ll receive each time the loop resets.

But how does one escape the loop? All roads lead to a massive alien creature: the Leviathan. What does this giant beast have to do with time, space, and trapping players inside both? The only way to find out is to complete the story-driven expedition.

As with other No Man’s Sky expeditions, Leviathan starts today and will last six weeks. You’ll need to start a new save file in order to enter into Expedition 7, but the rewards can be shared across all your save files. Those rewards include several new posters, the Temporal Starship Trail, the Whalestalker Cloak, and the Leviathan itself as a living frigate to add to your fleet.

Alongside the update comes a number of bug fixes across all platforms, including a few related to the new Outlaw stations and Traveller NPCs. For the full list, check out the Expedition 7: Leviathan update page here.

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