No Man's Sky Next Gen Update Also Includes PC Improvements

No Man’s Sky’s Next Generation update is now live and includes changes for PC players that should carry over to VR, improving the fidelity and experience when playing on PC VR.

Just over a week ago, Hello Games announced the next big update for No Man’s Sky – the Next Generation update. As the name implies, this update is heavily centred around next generation console support. However, high-end PC players will also receive some benefits that should carry over to the PC VR version of the game too.

As you can see in the patch notes, PC rigs that are able to run No Man’s Sky on the Ultra preset will see improved draw distance and environmental texture detail, such as foliage, rocks and more. There’s also a minor change that improves  the “visual effect of grass being pushed aside when walking through it.” Hello Games supplied the below graphic.

You might need a beefy rig to do it (I watched the game strain under my 2060 Super), but if you’re able to run No Man’s Sky on Ultra while also playing in VR, you should notice these changes once the update hits.

Of course, there are loads of next generation console-specific improvements for Xbox Series X and PS5 players as well (as you can see in the video embedded above). However, if you want to play No Man’s Sky in PSVR mode on your PS5, you’ll have to do it through backwards compatibility using the PS4 version of the game. You won’t see any of these new upgrades on PSVR, even if you’re playing on a PS5.

The Next Generation update should be available right now on PC and Xbox Series X versions of the game, with the PS5 version coming at launch later this week. You can read the full patch notes here.

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