No More Heroes 3 Delayed To 2021

No More Heroes 3, which was unveiled at E3 last year, has been delayed to 2021. The Switch-exclusive title was originally planned for a 2020 release, but developer Grasshopper Manufacture has announced a delay to the anticipated action title due to complications surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While the delay is unfortunate for those who were hoping to go on another adventure with Travis Touchdown before the end of the year, the good news is that the studio claims to have gotten back to where it needs to be from a development capacity perspective. The decision to delay was made with the prioritization of quality in mind. 

You can read the full statement from director Suda51 below.

An important announcement regarding the Nintendo Switch exclusive title No More Heroes 3.#NMH3 #NoMoreHeroes3 #SUDA51 #NintendoSwitch #TRAVIS #TravisTouchdown

In addition to the news of the delay, the team announced that comic artist Darick Robertson, who has worked on such series as The BoysTransmetropolitanSpider-ManDeadpool, and X-Men, is joining the team to create illustrations for No More Heroes 3. 

For more on No More Heroes 3, check out our interview with Suda51. For more on the impact COVID-19 has had on development, read about how EA Sports was affected, and how the industry as a whole has been affected.

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