Notoriously Difficult Tetris: The Grand Master Is Finally Getting A Western Release

Tetris players who think they're among the game's elite outside of Japan will finally be able to test themselves on a whole new level. Tetris: The Grand Master, a title commonly labeled the hardest Tetris game ever, is coming to consoles in the west for the first time.

Reported by Famitsu (thanks, VGC), The Grand Master will be ported to PS4 and Nintendo Switch as a part of Hamster Corporation's Arcade Archives. More than 300 games strong at this point, Arcade Archives will be adding the notoriously difficult game to mark the 300th consecutive week Hamster has added an arcade game from the past to the Nintendo eShop. The Grand Master will be added on December 1.

If you're unfamiliar with the Tetris spinoff, which is likely unless you live in Japan, then there are a couple of reasons it has a reputation for being incredibly tricky. Once players reach a certain level, of which there are 999, 20G gravity kicks in. That means rather than seeing the blocks fall, they will instantly appear at the bottom of the screen, or in the lowest available position, and players have just half a second to move them.

Make it to the end of the game and you will be given a rank. Anything from rank nine to Grand Master. The game was so successful in Japan that it got two sequels, and the vice president of its developer Arika has revealed it could get a third. That will apparently hinge on how well this upcoming port performs, so if you love Tetris and you want to see more of Ther Grand Master outside of Japan, give it a whirl.

If you're more of a casual Tetris player and you're put off by an off-shoot that has been dubbed the hardest version of the game ever, there are other alternatives. One of the many creative minds playing Minecraft built a playable version of it in their own virtual world. Fitting since Tetris and Minecraft are two of the three best-selling games ever, with GTA 5 nestled between them.

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