Nvidia Announces Tool That Lets You Mod Ray Tracing Into Older Games

Nvidia has just announced RTX Remix, a tool that will let modders implement RTX support into older games. This includes AI-enhanced textures, ray tracing, and more. In the announcement, we get to see Morrowind modernised with newer tech, giving it a current-gen lick of paint.

"We created an Omniverse application called RTX Remix for game modding," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced with the tagline, "Reimagine the Classics". You can take the original scene, "remaster with omniverse", and then "play with RTX", enjoying your updated creation in full.

We've seen classics like Quake 2 and now, as also just announced by Nvidia, Portal, given the RTX treatment. With RTX Remix, the tools to do that yourself will be made available, though it's not quite as simple as placing a game into a program and hitting the light switch. Regardless, it's a tool that will no doubt bolster an already still-strong modding community. As Nvidia stated, the reason it used Morrowind in the showcase is that it's one of the most modded games.

The Omniverse mentioned is Nvidia's answer to the controversial metaverse tech: "[It's] a platform for building and operating metaverse operations". In the showcase, we see some behind-the-scenes metaverse building using the tools, as shown in the Viewport. Given that it's built with Nvidia's Omniverse, it supports RTX.

This news comes amidst Nvidia's announcement of the new RTX family consisting of the 4080 and 4090, starting at $899. These boast full ray-tracing, shader execution reordering, and DLSS 3. To show off the power of the latter tech, Nvidia played Cyberpunk 2077 with DLSS off and ray-tracing on, hitting an average of 24fps. With DLSS3 on, it managed to hit 97fps while retaining the visual quality.

New modding tools and cards are underway but so is Portal RTX, launching as soon as November, and you can get that for free if you already own the game. And who knows how many other classics will join it with RTX support once Remix is in people's hands?

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