NZXT’s Black Friday Sale Comes With A Chance To Win A PC

If you’re hoping to use some of that extra holiday money to upgrade your gaming equipment, NZXT has a sale that might interest you. The company’s Black Friday deal spans its pre-built computers and something you could use in your own build.

If you head over to the NZXT site, you’ll see the big countdown to the Black Friday weekend sale. It will start on November 26, Thanksgiving Day, at 6pm PT. The big seller is 10% off all BLD Gaming PCs. BLD is NZXT’s service in which you can select the parts of your choice and have the company assemble and ship the PC to you.

Those who don’t feel qualified to choose between parts can instead grab a pre-built gaming PC. NZXT separates them by the kind of performance average users tend to expect. There’s a starter PC, for instance, that runs at $699 and is meant to run top online multiplayer and AAA games with mid performance. On the higher end is the $3,000 creator PC meant for streaming and video editing. Both of these, and other pre-built models, are 10% off.

For those just starting out, the H510i case, similar to the one we reviewed, is part of the sale. Oh, and there’s also a contest going on for a free PC. Scroll to the bottom of the Black Friday page and learn how to enter for a chance to win a 100 Thieves-themed NZXT PC.

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