Old School RuneScape Running Slow On Third-Party Clients Following Latest Update

Old School RuneScape players are reporting heavy lag following today’s update, although Jagex believes it’s simply an issue with third-party clients. For now, the official fix is to disable quest-related client features – or start playing on an official game client such as Steam.

A large portion of the OSRS community plays through a third-party client, as it gives you the ability to improve the game’s graphics, offers improved stat tracking, and provides useful in-game indicators that aren’t available on the client offered through Jagex. The same is true of the new Steam version, which features new achievements and other Steam-related improvements but is otherwise no different from downloading the vanilla client.

Fans weren’t quite happy with the official response, replying directly to Jagex with a litany of snarky tweets.

The update in question brought a slew of new PvM content to Old School RuneScape, which sees you take on up to six JalTok-Jads. “These fearsome challenges are set by TzHaar-Ket-Rak, who can be found in eastern Mor Ul Rek, home of the mighty TzHaar,” said Jagex. “To access this part of Mor Ul Rek, players are required to have completed the Fight Caves.”

If you’re having trouble running OSRS now that the new content is live, you can either run the game from an official client or try disabling quest-related features. Beyond that, it sounds like you’ll just have to wait for a fix from either Jagex or your third-party client.

Outside of the game, the Old School team is holding an art competition for a new in-game item. Submissions will be accepted until March 22, and the team is looking for hat designs that are the color of a banana. Seriously.

To learn more about the competition, check out the official tweet.

Old School RuneScape recently launched on Steam, and it sounds like that might be the best way to experience the nostalgic fun if third-party clients are on the fritz. Let’s hope there’s a good fix in the works, but for now, the quest-related workaround is a serviceable stopgap.

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