Online Roleplaying Community Platform Role Opens For Early Access

Role, an exciting new virtual tabletop (VTT) app, launched and completed a successful Kickstarter this past October, catching the attention of the TTRPG world. Role recently announced its private Early Access phase and is currently accepting applications for members, with invites going out in stages in the near future.

In case you missed Role’s Kickstarter campaign, the intro video there explains what Role actually is. More than just a VTT, Role aims to be a complete tabletop roleplaying game community platform. Billing itself as “the future of online narrative play” and “the world’s premier online roleplaying community,” Role features an online marketplace, VTT tools, and matchmaking services designed to “make it easy to meet people with the same tastes, gameplay style, and comfort level as you.”

Role’s website is where you need to go to submit your name and info for a possible invite to join its private Early Access. The website has a section for you to sign up to join the Role Creators Program too, designed to help fuel Role’s marketplace. Its developers state, “we’re invested in helping people discover new content from diverse voices, and giving everyone the tools to easily understand and learn new games.”

Role’s Early Access officially launched on September 23 of this year, with its Kickstarter backers being the first to join. The Early Access phase began with a focus on developing and testing the tools needed to play games, including “a full suite of video chat, character sheet, dice, card, and asset management tools.” Also in the works are the game template creator tools, which are still under development. However, they already feature built-in support for numerous tabletop roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Mothership, Lancer, Summit of Kings, Bluebeard’s Bride, and more.

If you want to know more specific details about the platform itself, roll over to the Kickstarter page. There you’ll find gameplay demo videos, closer looks at The Table, video chat, character sheets, player-matching, and more. And be sure you’re connected to the Role Twitter channel for live updates.

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